Where to Rent a Dunk Tank

Planning an event and want to add a splash of fun? Renting a dunk tank might be just what you need. Whether it’s for a fundraiser, a corporate event, or a backyard party, dunk tanks bring joy and excitement to any gathering. But where can you find one?

Understanding Dunk Tanks

Dunk tanks add an interactive element to any event. They’re popular for parties, fundraisers, and corporate gatherings.

What Is a Dunk Tank?

A dunk tank is a large tank filled with water featuring a seat suspended above it. Participants throw a ball at a target, which releases the seat into the water when hit. Manufactured using durable materials, dunk tanks ensure safety and prolonged use.

Key Uses of Dunk Tanks

Fundraisers: Dunk tanks attract crowds and generate donations, as people pay for chances to dunk someone, often a popular or willing volunteer.

Corporate Events: Companies use dunk tanks to boost employee morale and facilitate team-building activities, offering an enjoyable break from routine tasks.

Parties: Dunk tanks provide lively entertainment at birthday parties, block parties, or family reunions, catering to guests of various age groups.

Community Events: Fairs, festivals, and carnivals often include dunk tanks as a staple attraction, enticing event-goers to participate and enjoy the spectacle.

Numbers emphasize the appeal; for instance, a well-organized event with a dunk tank can draw hundreds of participants, enhancing engagement and revenue.

Key Considerations Before Renting a Dunk Tank

When thinking about renting a dunk tank for your event, it’s crucial to consider a few key factors to ensure a successful and safe experience. I’ll discuss aspects related to size, capacity, and safety features.

Size and Capacity

Size matters when selecting a dunk tank. Consider the space available at your event location. Dunk tanks vary in size, typically ranging from 300 to 500 gallons of water. Make sure the tank fits comfortably in the designated area with room for participants and spectators. Check the tank’s capacity beforehand. Ensure it supports the weight of individuals who’ll take the seat. The average dunk tank supports up to 250 pounds, but verify specifics with the rental company.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount when using a dunk tank. Ensure the dunk tank includes essential safety features. These generally include a sturdy cage to protect the person sitting on the seat and a secure locking mechanism to prevent accidental falls. The dunk tank should also feature non-slip steps and platforms to avoid slips while entering and exiting. Confirm with the rental company that their dunk tanks are regularly inspected and maintained to meet safety standards. Consider having a first aid kit and trained personnel nearby in case of any emergencies.

Best Places to Rent a Dunk Tank

Discovering reliable options for renting a dunk tank enhances any event’s success. Here are some prime sources to secure a dunk tank rental.

Rental Companies

National event rental companies offer comprehensive dunk tank packages. They provide delivery, setup, and maintenance services. Some reputable names include:

  • United Rentals: Known for wide-ranging equipment, including dunk tanks.
  • FunFlicks: Specializes in party rentals with various interactive elements.
  • Big Bounce Rentals: Offers various party inflatables and games, including dunk tanks.

Local Event Organizers

Local event organizers often have dunk tanks available. They cater to unique regional requirements and provide personalized service. Check organizations like:

  • Community Centers: Typically offer equipment for community events.
  • Party Supply Stores: Frequently have rental options for smaller events.
  • School Districts: May rent out equipment for fundraisers and fairs.

These providers ensure you get the best dunk tank suited to your event’s specific needs.

Pricing and Rental Agreements

Renting a dunk tank can significantly enhance your event, but understanding the pricing and rental agreements is crucial.

Understanding Rental Costs

Rental costs for dunk tanks vary widely depending on factors like location, rental duration, and tank size. For a standard 4-hour rental, prices range from $150 to $400. Additional charges may apply for setup, delivery, and insurance. Some rental companies offer discounts for extended rentals or non-profit events.

What’s Included in a Dunk Tank Rental?

Dunk tank rentals typically include the tank itself, delivery, setup, and water hoses. Some packages may offer additional accessories like themed backdrops, extra seating, or safety gear. It’s essential to review the rental agreement to confirm what’s included and understand any extra charges for additional services or equipment.

Rental Item


Common Inclusions




4-hour use
Water hoses


Setup and delivery


Included in most packages


Available upon request

Carefully read the rental agreement to know all terms, ensuring a seamless event experience.

Organizing a Successful Dunk Tank Event

Creating a memorable event with a dunk tank requires careful planning and attention to detail. Here’s how to ensure your dunk tank event runs smoothly and everyone has a great time.

Planning and Setup

Choose the right location to ensure safety and accessibility. Look for flat, open spaces free of obstacles and hazardous materials. Confirm water sources are adequate for filling and refilling the tank during the event.

Secure permits if required. Check local regulations to see if you need any licenses or permissions. This step avoids last-minute complications.

Arrange for necessary equipment. Besides the dunk tank, gather hoses, water supplies, and any additional accessories like backdrops or extra seating. These details make the setup more efficient and the event more enjoyable.

Schedule delivery and setup. Coordinate with your rental company to ensure the dunk tank arrives on time. Verify the delivery includes setup to avoid logistical issues on event day.

Tips for Maximizing Fun and Safety

Establish clear rules to maintain safety. Inform participants of the rules, including age and height restrictions. Ensure an adult supervises to enforce these guidelines.

Provide safety gear. Offer life vests or flotation devices, especially for children. This precaution adds an extra layer of safety for participants.

Encourage participation with incentives. Offer prizes or certificates for those who successfully dunk someone. This engagement boosts excitement and involvement.

Rotate participants. Avoid long wait times by organizing participants into groups and setting time limits. Rotations keep the event moving smoothly and maintain enthusiasm.

Ensure quick response for emergencies. Have first-aid kits and emergency contact information readily available. Being prepared helps address any incidents promptly.


Renting a dunk tank can add a unique and entertaining element to any event. By considering factors like size, capacity, and safety features, you can ensure a fun and safe experience for everyone involved. National rental companies and local sources offer various options to meet your specific needs and budget.

Understanding the costs and rental agreements is crucial to avoid any unexpected charges. Careful planning and attention to detail will help you create a memorable event that participants will talk about long after it’s over. So go ahead and make a splash at your next event with a dunk tank rental!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of events are suitable for dunk tank rentals?

Dunk tanks are popular for a variety of events, including fundraisers, corporate gatherings, parties, and community events. They bring fun and engagement to these occasions, encouraging participation and enjoyment.

What factors should I consider when renting a dunk tank?

Important factors to consider include the size and capacity of the dunk tank, safety features, setup requirements, and rental costs. Ensure the tank fits your event space and meets all safety standards.

Where can I rent a dunk tank?

You can rent dunk tanks from national rental companies like United Rentals, FunFlicks, and Big Bounce Rentals. Local options include community centers, party supply stores, and school districts.

How much does it usually cost to rent a dunk tank?

Rental costs for a standard dunk tank range from $150 to $400 for a 4-hour period. Additional charges may apply for setup, delivery, and insurance. Discounts might be available for extended rentals or non-profit events.

What does a typical dunk tank rental include?

A standard rental typically includes the dunk tank itself, delivery, setup, and water hoses. Some rentals may also include accessories like themed backdrops, extra seating, or safety gear.

Are there any additional charges I should be aware of?

Additional charges can include fees for setup, delivery, and insurance. Review your rental agreement carefully to understand what is included and any extra costs for additional services or equipment.

How can I ensure a successful dunk tank event?

Plan carefully by choosing the right location, securing necessary permits, arranging equipment, scheduling delivery and setup, establishing safety rules, providing safety gear, incentivizing participation, rotating participants, and being prepared for emergencies.

Do I need any permits to set up a dunk tank?

Depending on your location and event type, you may need permits to set up a dunk tank. Check with local authorities to ensure you have all required permissions ahead of your event.

What safety measures should be in place for a dunk tank?

Ensure that the dunk tank has proper safety features, provide safety gear, establish clear safety rules, and have trained personnel on-site to monitor the activity and respond quickly to any emergencies.

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